Run Towards Your Purpose!

What do you do when every day that you wake up, you dread going to your current job? The feeling of being unfulfilled and the swarm of anxious thoughts that fill your head as soon as you drive into the parking lot…They have you restless. Why do you feel this way and what do you do about this haunted reality that you can no longer ignore?


I’ll make this post short and straight to the point. The reason you’re feeling this way is because you aren’t living the life you were created to live. I’m not saying that you aren’t where you’re supposed to be in this season because sometimes we are in God’s will and He’ll make us uncomfortable for a greater purpose. However, I am saying that if every day that you wake up, you know that you aren’t pursuing what you’re passionate about, then it’s time to start doing that. It’s funny how some people say that life is short but life really isn’t that short when you’re miserable and not living the life you desire and the life you deserve.


I remember one day at work I was so frustrated. I was allowing everything that occurred that day, to get to me. I remember going for a walk and I started talking to God and just telling Him how frustrated I was. Then after He listened to me vent with my laundry list of complaints, He sternly said “You’re frustrated because you’re not walking in your purpose.” I couldn’t help but laugh because He was right! GOD WAS ABSOLUTLEY RIGHT! I was bringing all of this on myself because I refused to be consistent when it came to walking in my purpose. There was some fear, doubt and other things that I was allowing to hold me back and all the while God was saying…”Just Trust Me.”


So, my challenge for you is to stop listening to what everyone else is saying about how you should live your life and start LIVING YOUR LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS. Choose to wake up every single day and do at least one thing that will push you closer to your purpose. I know life can get busy and the day can go by faster than we’d like it to but if you truly desire more for your life, then you’re going to have to work for it. You’re going to have to start saying no to some people so that you can start saying yes to your purpose. People will say that you’re selfish and that you’re only thinking about yourself. That’s ok, let whoever have an opinion but don’t allow that opinion to become your reality.


Start looking out for your well-being and relentlessly run towards what sets your soul on fire!


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