The Fear of Being Great



I remember when I was a child, I was very quiet and would often be found in the company of a good book. This awkwardly tall, wearing pink framed glasses with several braids in her hair young girl, knew she was different. I didn’t have many friends but I do remember a select few who made a positive imprint on my childhood. There was a time during those years where I tried my hardest to fit in with all of the other kids. I just wanted to be accepted and embraced by my peers and not seen as weird or unpopular. No matter what I wore, said or did, I was never truly accepted as their equal. Later on in my teen years God began to speak to me about why I never was able to fit in with my peers.


He shared with me that my frustration was all self-induced. That no matter how hard I tried, I would never fit in with them because He had set me apart for a greater purpose. That my longing to be accepted was actually my fear of being great! I share this small fraction of a story to remind you that you were not blessed with this life to be mediocre. We ALL have a purpose and it’s up to YOU to HEAR IT, EMBRACE IT and LIVE IT. I know that this year may have been the hardest for many but DO NOT GIVE UP. The world needs YOU and your gifts. There will be a number of things that will try to come in the way of you living your best life. The NUMBER ONE FACTOR is YOU. Many of us don’t want to face the truth..There was even a time when I didn’t want to accept “the ugly truth”. We can be our worst critics sometimes..Even most of the time. We try to talk ourselves out of moving to a new city, applying for that position, taking a chance on love and yes, even walking into our purpose.


At the end of the day, what other people have said or even done to you won’t matter. What WILL matter is how you learned from life’s challenges and that you in turn allowed it to be the fuel to step out of mediocrity and unapologetically walk into your purpose!

~Keep Shining~



One thought on “The Fear of Being Great

  1. Amen!! How are you? I just wanted to share some news with you. After 6 years of this being placed in my heart by God. I have been led to start a church and preaching. I have always said I didn’t want to be a preacher but God kept dealing with me. After I made the decision, doors started opening. I will be have my opening service the first weekend in January. Pray for me.

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