Falling Back in Love with the Holy Spirit


If we’re all honest with ourselves, we can say that in the past we’ve pushed away from God and His will for our lives. I remember the times when I wasn’t trying to hear anything God was saying in regards to what He wanted for my life. Those were days full of much frustration, anxiousness and bitterness. Sure, at the time I was thinking that I knew what was best, but in all actuality I didn’t. How could God ever know exactly what I was feeling and going through? He knew nothing about being abandoned, brokenhearted, lied on, stabbed in the back by those that were closest to me and being used for someone else’s satisfaction or selfish desires…BUT God did know how all of that felt and so much more. I think every now and then we forget just how much our heartbeat matches that of our Father’s.

So during this time of reconciliation with Jesus, I began asking myself “how did I get here?” I know we’ve all been there. That’s always how sin starts off. We begin flirting with the idea and before we know it we’re deep off into a cycle of desperation and recklessness. Sure we may think that we’re living the life now but in reality we’re COMMITTING SPIRITUAL SUICIDE. Many things can cause us to push away from God and chase our own selfish cravings. Trying to fit in with the world and not realizing we were created to be set apart is a definite way of merely existing and not living to your full potential. Just because we were made to be set apart doesn’t mean we have to have a boring life. So many people think that if someone is saved, that means their life has to be bland, dull and boring when that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Another thing that can cause us to push away from God is disconnecting from Him and not spending time communicating and being in fellowship with our Father on a daily basis. Some people think that it’s not necessary to have that quiet time every day or it’s only needed when they come against hard times. I was one of those people. I wasn’t being disciplined in making sure that I kept God number one in my life or I would only communicate with Him when I was praying over my meals for the day. Wow, how many of us have been there? By doing that, we allow ourselves to become vulnerable to the things of this world. Something that has always stuck with me throughout the years is that WHATEVER YOU FEED WILL GROW. A farmer doesn’t plant potatoes and then later on expect for his harvest to be grapes. No, he plants exactly what he desires his harvest to be. The same goes for us. So if all you’re doing is watching shows that glamorize adultery, murder, fornication, foul language…Then that’s exactly what you’re PLANTING and NOURISHING into your spirit. If all you’re doing is listening to music that idolizes money, violence, sex, disrespecting women and ourselves as a people…Again, that’s exactly what will harvest in your own life.

We have to be wise about our relationships and make sure that we’re not attaching ourselves with distractions and toxic relationships rather than divine connections. I’m not saying that every relationship or friendship will be peachy perfect but we all know when we’re linked to someone or something that we shouldn’t be. We also know when The Holy Spirit is pulling us away from what could be detrimental to our purpose. So the question is do you know if you’re currently attached to something or someone that you know isn’t of a great benefit to your life and purpose? If so, it’s time to face the music of reality and truly figure out if you want to continue to commit spiritual suicide or if you want more for your life. I believe that God has so much more for you than what your current circumstances are telling you. I may not know what you’re going through right now but I do know that everything that you could ever need or want is found in Jesus. It doesn’t matter if it’s depression, low self-esteem, heartbreak, abandonment, struggling with forgiving yourself or someone else, a marriage that may be going through a challenging season right now, anxious thoughts, financial strain, WHATEVER IT IS…The answer is Jesus.

You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to repent, uproot and address those toxic emotions from the past, cut off whoever or whatever it is that’s aiding in keeping you stagnant and truly chase after God.

Father, we just want to say thank You for just being who You are. Thank You for loving us in spite of the times when we didn’t love ourselves. Thank you for the forgiveness and freedom that we have in You. Right now I come praying for your child. You know their situation and you know what they are in need of today. Dad they want to get right with you. They want more of you. So give them Your courage and strength to walk away from anything that’s not a direct reflection of You. Mend their brokenness and make them whole in You. Remind your child how much You love them and all that You see in them. That they are not their past! Their value is not dependent upon what anyone else thinks but their worth is in You and who You say they are. Let them know that there’s nothing they could ever do to make You love them any less. Let them feel Your presence right now as you fill their heart with Your love, joy and peace. Help your child to walk in the boldness and authority that You’ve given them. Remind them that right now in this moment, whatever they were holding onto, You’ve wiped the slate clean. Today is a new beginning in You! A fresh start. In Jesus name, Amen!

De’Andrea xo

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