From My Heart To Yours

Great Morning Family,

There’s much on my heart so let’s jump in! There are many people out here that will try to sell you a dream. Something that is one-sided where only they will get the gain. Don’t allow the wool to be pulled over your eyes. THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL! THE TIME IS NOW to not just chase your dreams but to START LIVING THEM.

Ask yourself, what am I passionate about? Lord, what purpose of YOURS do you want to be fulfilled through ME? Some people haven’t asked these two questions..Others have and even received the answer but have YET to put one foot in front of the other. NEVER BE AFRAID TO BE GREAT! So this is me giving you a nudge, a push because I love you and I want God’s best for you. STOP wandering through life aimlessly and START living life on purpose! RUN towards God’s will, RUN towards your dreams and the vision that HE has given you!

De’Andrea xo